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To-do lists in the cloud: Remember the Milk

Keeping track of tasks is probably what a computer or mobile device does best. Naturally there are loads of to do list software out-there, one of the most popular ones is Remember the Milk, which is a to do list on steroids. It is based in the cloud (on but can be used on various devices such as the Ipad/Iphone, Android phones and any computer with a web-browser.

Remember the Milk have loads of features such as tagging and grouping of different tasks. I have tried lots of different task management tools including Evernote, and Springnote. What most of them have in common is that they are complicated to learn fast, Remember the Milk is however straight-forward from the very beginning.

Creating, tagging and managing tasks is easy and fast.  Adding a task can be done using the normal interface, but it is also possible to send an e-mail with the task to your Remember the Milk account. It is possible to create lists for different types of activities, such was work, home, business, personal etc.

The real power of Remember the Milk becomes obvious when you have multiple devices for example an Ipad, a computer and a smartphone. Since the service is cloud based it is possible to sync activities between the devices, managing one single to-do list cross platform.

The Ipad app for Remember the Milk is very easy and quick to use. One of the selling points with the Ipad app is that it works offline, so when on the go it’s still easy to access your tasks. Several similar apps requires you to have an internet connection, or charges for offline use.

Recently the folks at Remember the Milk added support for Siri in Iphone 4S. For corporate users it is possible to purchase a pro account (for the low sum of $25 per year) and get sync with Microsoft Outlook and Blackberry devices.

Video of Remember the Milk with Iphone 4S and Siri:

Another neat feature with Remember the Milk is the fact that you do not need to create a separate user account to use it (for example Evernote requires you to do this), instead you can connect it with your Google account.

Overall Remember the Milk  is a great product for what it does (creating and managing to do lists), it has enough features yet still have a low entry level. The Ipad app and mobile sync really makes it powerful. One problem with Remember the Milk, and all similar cloud based services is of course security, it may feel uneasy for some people to have their to-do lists in the cloud.

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