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Mockingbird – Mockups in the cloud

Creating mockups for software interfaces and websites was previously confined to mammoth packages like Visio or photo-editing applications. Mockingbird is a cloud app tailored for designers of software interfaces and websites. It also has a wide set of general illustrative abilities, for example basic flow-charting.

The interface in Mockingbird is very straight-forward, the pane to he left includes a number of pre-defined shapes (such as drop-down lists, buttons, text etc). It is just a matter of dragging the symbols to the drawing-board and the aligning them. Alignment is easy and there are also options for grouping and sorting objects. Other features include undo/redo and the ability to export in PDF and PNG-format.

Another neat part of Mockingbird is the ability to add different pages and link between, so it is possible to create an entire web-experience completely within Mockingbird without much effort at all. Linking in Mockingbird is surprisingly easy; all it takes is just dragging the page to the link.

Everything in Mockingbird is fast and light-weight, the contrary to bloated products like Visio and Dia. Achieving a working proto-type of a website doesn’t take long at all, and sharing it with other developers on the same project is also very swift.

One limitation in Mockingbird is the lack of IE support, it only works with Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.  Of course it is not really a problem for web-developers as they often use various browsers, however in a corporate setting where Internet Explorer is more common Mockingbird can’t be used.

Although Mockingbird is very simple to work with it is often in creative meetings that you want that functionality, of course it requires that it is always possible to connect to the Internet. This is becoming a smaller problem by the day because of the penetration of mobile Internet. However there will be situations where Mockingbird can’t be used.

However Mockingbird is a great product, it is light-weight, easy to work with and responsive. It is still in beta; hopefully we will see versions for Internet Explorer and also apps for the Android and the Iphone where it would be very powerful.

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