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Firefox 10 arrives with new features for developers

Firefox 10 is here, the latest update from Mozilla of the popular open-sourced web-browser.

Even-though Google Chrome is increasing in usage at the expense of Firefox, Mozilla is clinging on with a steady stream of new features in to Firefox.

The updates in Firefox 10 is mainly geared towards developers and web designers with improved CSS editing functionality. For example it’s possible to change margins, fonts, colors and other layout options of a website using the CSS-editor, Firefox will instantly display the changes (locally of course).

Naturally this is great if you are a web-designer or developer and doesn’t want to go through all the hassle with making minor adjustments to a layout by uploading and changing style-sheets in a testing environment.

Another feature in Firefox 10 is the Mozilla full-screen API with 3D-capability (Web GL), allowing developers to create full-screen applications and games. Web GL is a standard for displaying 3D-applications using hardware acceleration without any third party extensions, which is another step in making web apps do more than word processing and spreadsheets.

For users not into web-development Mozilla have updated the add-on capabilities, now the browser checks every 24 hours for updates to add-ons, also the overall add-on compatibility is improved.

Below is a neat overview of the development tools in Firefox 10:

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