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Undelete PLUS

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Every computer user has probably deleted a document and days later discovering that it was needed. There are several undelete applications on the market, but few are free and as uncomplicated as Undelete Plus.

According to the developers the program takes advantage of that Windows actually doesn’t delete a file until it really needs the occupied space for something. Undelete Plus lists recently deleted files after a scan of the hard drive and displays the recoverability of them. The scan is actually quite fast compared to other similar programs; it only took about six minutes to scan a 500 GB hard drive. There is filtering available, which means that you can filter out file-types and files that you don’t want in the scan.

We did some tests by “accidently” deleting an important word document, Undelete Plus managed to recover it fast and efficiently. Undelete Plus does have some limitations; larger files are harder to recover than smaller ones (since it’s a higher possibility that Windows overwrites a larger file). The program frequently displays files as having a “very good” rate of recoverability but when Undelete Plus tries to recover them it fails.

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