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Socializing on the Internet is all the rage these days. But we have not seen much socializing around software; Wakoopa is an effort to change that. Basically Wakoopa is a tracking program, which is installed on your desktop and tracks the different programs you are using. It doesn’t take up that much resources, installs and uninstalls easily.

The tracker then sends the information to a website profile for all your friends to look at. From the profile it’s possible to see how much you are using each program, what programs you are running in the background and so on. When you log in to it’s possible to take look at the most popular programs right now and to use other social features.  

Overall  Wakoopa is neat, however the applications topping the lists is usually; Internet Explorer, Firefox and Microsoft Word. It’s also unclear to me what the real purpose of the application is, sure it’s possible to see what kind of software and games your friends are using, then what? The website is perhaps more interesting than the program itself. On the site it’s possible to see program usage and track their usage, but the again the points  with Wakoopa remains sketchy.

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